Colleen A. Mayowski, EdD, MLIS

  • Assistant Professor of Medicine

Colleen A. Mayowski, EdD, MLIS, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine. She has published and presented on the use and prevalence of institution-level eportfolios for accreditation and outcomes assessment. Her current research interests focus on assessment, evaluation, and impact of higher education programs. Specifically, she has concentrated on education for early-career investigators, online teaching, and diversity training programs.

Education & Training

  • BA, University of Pittsburgh School of Arts and Sciences, 1982
  • MLIS, University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences, 2006
  • EdD, University of Pittsburgh School of Education, 2014

Representative Publications

Mayowski CA, Norman MK, Schenker Y, Proulx CN, Kapoor WN. Developing a team science workshop for early-career investigators. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 2019;3(4):184-189.

We designed and delivered a 2-day workshop focused on teaching team science skills to early-career investigators that improved team skills and may foster improved collaboration.

Mayowski CA, Norman MK, Kapoor WN. Assessing an assessment: the review and redesign of a competency-based mid-degree evaluation. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 2018;2(4):223-227.

Data from student surveys and interviews with program advisors suggested the need to improve communication, time the assessment to align with skills development and opportunities for planning, streamline, and clarify expectations with examples and templates. After implementing these changes, data suggest that student satisfaction improved without any reduction in academic rigor.

Mayowski CA, Rubio DM, Norman MK. Encouraging faculty to teach online: leveraging Rogers's Diffusion of Innovation Theory. Academic Medicine. 2019;94(3):452.

Infographic interpretation of using Everett M. Rogers’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory to increase faculty motivation and ease the transition to teaching online.

Norman MK, Mayowski CA, Rubio DM. Lowering the barriers to teaching online. Medical Education. 2018;52(5):569-570.

Applying Everett M. Rogers’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory model effectively lowered the barriers to entry for faculty members learning to create and teach online courses.

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Research Interests

  • Assessment research
  • Online teaching
  • Competency-based education
  • Diversity