Qualitative Research


Megan E. Hamm, PhD

Dr. Hamm specializes in the collection and analysis of interview, focus group, and observational data. Her background in Anthropology is in gender and sexuality, with a focus on sex worker activism in South Asia; as such, she has expertise in collecting data on sensitive and emotionally difficult subjects, which translates well into qualitative data collection in the medical context, particularly with patients suffering social stigma and emotional trauma from their illnesses. As Director of Qualitative, Evaluation, and Stakeholder Engagement Services, she has participated in more than 40 research projects about an array of different topics that frequently fall under one of the following general topics: evaluation of medical educational programming, the formative evaluation of behavioral and programmatic interventions, provider communication, the adoption of new health technologies, sexuality and reproductive health, pain management, substance use in pregnancy, and stakeholder engagement.