Clinical Trial Coordination and Data Management


Kaleab Z. Abebe, PhD

Director, Center for Clinical Trials and Data Coordination

Dr. Abebe's collaborative research focuses on design, conduct, and analysis of multicenter, randomized, controlled trials (RCTs), namely in polycystic kidney disease (PKD). He leads the data coordinating centers (DCCs) for the TAME-PKD clinical trial and the STERIO-SCD trial, and leads the statistical and data management cores for clinical trials in gestational diabetes (GDM2 Study; PI: Davis), heart failure and depression (Hopeful Heart; PI: Rollman), and HIV (DIPY and DC-04 studies; PI: Riddler).

Cristina Murray-Krezan, PhD

Assistant Director, Center for Clinical Trials and Data Coordination

Dr. Murray-Krezan’s clinical research interests are wide and varied, with a focus in recent years on substance use disorders, as well as interventions to improve the health and well-being of marginalized, underserved, and underrepresented populations. She also has an interest in women’s health. She has been involved in clinical trials research since 2007 and has an affinity for patient-centered trials with complex behavioral and medical interventions. Additionally, Dr. Murray-Krezan is dedicated to the success, growth, and integration of data coordination in multi-site clinical trials and observational studies. This includes research in the areas of novel or best study designs, recruitment and retention methods, and integration of pragmatic approaches for study outcomes. Statistical research interests include developing new methods to identify and correct for informative drop-out in the survival analytic framework.