Behavioral Health Care, Media, and Tech

CRHC faculty are exploring the intersection of behavioral health, technology, and media, as well as investigating methods for using technology to improve the delivery of health care.


Sonya Borrero, MD, MS

Dr. Borrero is leading a FemTech collaborative to design women’s health-targeted technologies, including apps and other tools, to improve maternal, postpartum, and other kinds of care.

Charles Jonassaint, PhD, MHS

Dr. Jonassaint is a practicing clinical health psychologist focusing on the implementation of behavioral intervention technologies in low-resource settings. He has clinical expertise in chronic disease self-management and cognitive behavioral therapy and has had extensive experience working with underrepresented and underserved patients. 

Tamar Krishnamurti, PhD

Dr. Krishnamurti’s research interests include risk perception and communication, medical decision making, mHealth, and the design of effective communications, decision aids, and interventions for both domestic and international populations.

Bruce L. Rollman, MD, MPH

Director, Center for Behavioral Health, Media, and Technology

Dr. Rollman’s research focuses on developing novel interventions to treat mood and anxiety disorders in primary care and cardiac settings. Dr. Rollman pioneered the use of electronic medical record system alerts to identify patients for enrollment into clinical trials at the time of the physician encounter.

Jaime E. Sidani, PhD, MPH, CHES

Assistant Director, Center for Behavioral Health, Media, and Technology

Dr. Sidani is broadly interested in improving interpersonal communication, health care, and health outcomes in an increasingly technological and media-driven world. This includes reducing mental health problems and decreasing addiction.