CRHC Core Faculty Resources

CRHC Core Faculty Resources

CRHC core faculty hold appointments in the Division of General Internal Medicine, and may be either physician-scientists or doctoral-level investigators. 

CRHC core faculty benefit from a variety of resources that support their research operations and overall career development. These include:

General administrative support

  • Purchasing supplies and services
  • Managing your calendar and scheduling meetings
  • Booking travel and processing expense reimbursements

Writing & social media

  • Direct assistance with establishing and growing your professional social media presence (e.g., websites, Twitter) from our full-time Digital Media Writer, Michelle Woods.
  • Help with editing research proposals and manuscripts from our full-time Medical Editor and Writer, Ethan Lennox.

Research personnel

  • Direct assistance with recruiting, hiring, and managing research staff, temps, and students—from writing job descriptions to ongoing support for you as a supervisor—from our Office Manager, Kristee Rosen.   
  • Assistance with establishing consulting and other professional service agreements, as well as Data Use Agreements, Materials Transfer Agreements, and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Financial research administration

  • Administrative support for preparing and submitting new grants and contract applications for research funding (pre-award). 
  • Intensive monitoring of expenses and budgetary planning to help you effectively utilize research funds (post-award).  
  • Research administration is led by CRHC Administrator Patrick Reitz in close collaboration with additional administrators at the Department of Medicine research office.